Oxley Tub

The Oxley Tub is a Revolutionary Easy Access Bathtub that will change the walk-in tub industry as we know it. The Oxley Tub is the most affordable bathing solution out there. It provides safety, Easy Access, comfort, relaxation, beauty, simplicity and best of all Affordability. The Oxley Tub sits directly on top of your existing tub eliminating the mess and high cost of tearing everything out and starting over. Where traditional walk-in tubs can take up to 5 days to finish the installation and requires plumbers, electricians, and a contractor to complete the job. The Oxley Tub will install in 3 Hours and can be used the very next day.

One of the biggest complaints about walk-in tubs is how long they take to fill up and to drain. Walk-in tubs take on average 5 minutes to drain, all the while you are sitting their naked and cold. The Oxley Tub fills up just as fast as a standard bathtub but drains in just 35 seconds, that is 9.57 times faster than a standard walk-in tub. Our short video below will show you how simple and affordable this process can be.

I haven’t bathed in 13 years. This tub was a dream com true. I have loved relaxing in my new tub everyday since it was installed.

Mrs. Daniel

St. George, Utah

The Oxley Tub Traditional Walk-in Tubs
Fill Up & Drain Time
Fills up as fast as a standard bathtub Average time to fill approx. 20 minutes (can require purchasing additional water heater)
Drains in 45 seconds (9.33 Times Faster) Drains in 5-7 mins with speed drain (without speed drain can take up to 15 min)
Accessibility & Design
Allows you to recline and extend your legs completely You sit on a seat and cannot extend your legs or lay back
Extra wide door (Wheelchair Accessible) Narrow door opening, often you must turn sideways to enter.
Easy to use for paraplegics, or those missing lower limbs The vast majority of tubs are not wheel chair accessible
You sit down and turn in eliminating the risk of tripping and falling Standard 5″ step with a lip that can cause you to trip and fall upon entry and exit
Installs in 3 hours (16 Times Faster) Typical installations requires 2-3 days to complete
Does not require tearout or demolition of existing bathroom fixtures Requires tearout and demolition of existing tub area, tub surround and bathroom door jam
Does not require new drain or electrical work Requires extensive plumbing work (electritian required for jetted models)
Can be moved and re-installed in another home with minimal renovation to bathroom Requires extensive renovation to remove and re-install in new home (often cost prohibitive)
Made in the U.S.A. Very few made in the USA. Most of the shells come over from China and are jetted in the U.S.

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