Looking for the installation of high-quality walk-in tubs in Salt Lake City and surrounding areas? Bathcrest is some of the best in state.

Walk-in Tubs in Salt Lake City and Surrounding Areas

Bathcrest is one of the best providers for the installation of walk in tubs in Salt Lake City and the surrounding areas. This Walk-in Tub was a showroom model installed in our Salt Lake City, UT showroom to demonstrate our 2645 model and it’s unique door style which allows you to easily get in and out of the tub. The 2645 Walk-in Tub model combines a modern look with a safe and functional size. It has a variety of therapeutic options that can be added such as; Rapid Drain, Syllent Pump hydrotherapy system, heated seat and air jets. Because of it’s smaller frame the 2645 can fit in virtually any bathroom space with little modification of the existing space. The compact sizing of the 2645 makes it an ideal option for homeowners with smaller bathrooms or limited space. With this tub design, you can achieve functionality without giving up space!

Inspired by this bathtub and want to bring it home with you? Contact the Bathcrest.com team to learn more about a bathroom installation with a walk in tub. With 40+ years of experience, the Bathcrest team will ensure that your bathroom is functional throughout all stages of life.

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