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Transform Your Bathroom

Bathtub Installation

Bath Crest offers bathtub replacement, liner options, and the installation of bathtub wall surround in Utah, specifically the greater Salt Lake City area. With our help, you can transform your old tub with a new look in less time, for less money!

Years of constant use and cleaning with harsh chemicals can damage a bathtub. Nicks in the surface, stains, leaks – all contribute to the wear and tear that adds up. Or maybe you just want a bathtub that is better suited to your bathroom’s décor, is easier to clean and just looks newer and more attractive.

Bath Crest can help! We have many bathtub remodeling options available to transform the look and feel of your bathroom with a beautiful new bathtub. We can help you choose the best way to meet your needs and your budget.

Multiple Options

Bathtub Choices to Match Your Needs

  • Liners – Our design specialist will measure your existing tub and we can provide a new custom-fitted durable acrylic tub liner. A new tub liner fits perfectly over your existing tub and seals away old lead-leaching tubs and gives your bathroom a fresh new appearance.
  • Replacement Tubs – Your worn-out tub can be replaced with a beautiful, new bathtub. We simply remove your old unwanted tub and install the replacement for that brand-new bathroom look.
  • Walk-in Tubs – Stepping into your tub – requiring you to lifting your leg over 14 inches – can be a challenge as you grow older and less flexible. A walk-in tub is a perfect solution for those requiring an easy-try solution to your bathing needs.
Matching Walls

Multiple Choices for Bathtub Wall Surrounds in Utah

In addition to acrylic wall systems, we also carry bathtub inserts with walls in Piedrafina, Solid Surfaces, and Manufactured Marbles, as well as tile options so that your bathtub wall surround in Utah matches the rest of your home perfectly. Bath Crest’s wide selection of bathtub remodel, replacement, bathtub liner options, and bath tub wall surround in Utah allow for a huge variety of colors, textures, and patterns to choose from. Our design specialists can help you select the product that fits your tastes and your budget. Contact us to learn more about a new wall in tub installation and how it can improve your bathing experience.