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Bathroom remodeling

Bathtub Installation in North Salt Lake, UT

Your bathroom is likely one of your home’s first rooms you visit in the morning and one of the last you spend time in at night. While it’s often overlooked, your bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your home. Maintaining a balance between comfort and functionality is a must in this space, and one of the biggest steps you can take toward achieving the perfect bathroom is installing a new tub that fits both your space and your lifestyle needs. Bath Crest is here to ensure you’re getting both the right tub and professional, reliable bathtub installation services so you can build your dream bathroom with less stress.

Our Bathtub Installation Services

Whether you’re looking to give your room a bit more luxury or you’re simply tired of your existing outdated or damaged tub, we can get you on the right track. For those dealing with tubs covered in nicks, scratches, and other aesthetic damages, we offer access to a wide range of replacement liners. These are acrylic liners that are custom-made for your tub. They fit over your existing tub to give it a fresh, new appearance without investing in an entirely new tub.

However, some issues, such as large cracks and breaks in your tub, may merit a full replacement. If this is the case, you can rest assured knowing that our most capable technicians are here to guide you through the process. Booking an inspection with us allows us to assess the situation better and make recommendations on tubs that would be right for your home. Once you choose a tub, we remove the old tub and install the new one. Our services extend to walk-in tubs as well.

Types of Bathtubs

When you install a bathtub, you have almost endless options to choose from when it comes to size, shape, and style combinations. Choosing your tub style is a great place to start. Some of the most popular options you may choose from when making your selection include:

      • Corner tubs – for bathrooms with corner tub spaces

      • Recessed tubs – common, functional options that fit nearly any space

      • Platform tubs – recessed tubs with an upgraded, stylish tile or wood enclosure

      • Freestanding tubs – tubs that stand independently of walls or fixtures

    • Whirlpool tubs – tubs that come with jet features

Each of these types of tubs has its own benefits and drawbacks to consider. When choosing your tub, it’s always critical to consider the space you’ll install it in. For example, some bathrooms may benefit from the space-saving power of corner tubs, while others have plenty of room for a stylish freestanding tub. The best way to ensure you’re choosing the right style for your bathroom is to reach out to our design professionals. We can visit your home, make some crucial measurements, and get you pointed in the right direction in no time. After you’ve chosen a style, we can discuss customizing your installation with a new tub surround, made from one of the many top-tier materials we use for our jobs.

Walk-In Bathtub Installation

Turning your bathroom into a universally-accessible area has the power to both make your home more comfortable in the coming years and increase its value. Walk-in tubs offer a safe alternative to traditional tubs for those dealing with limited mobility, offering the luxury of a bath without the risk of a slip or fall occurring. We offer a wide range of options when it comes to walk-in tub installation to ensure you’re getting a safe, forward-thinking tub that will fit your needs and last you a lifetime.

Let Us Handle the Hard Work

When you choose to replace a shower with a bathtub or replace an old tub, it can seem like you have a lot of work on your hands. At Bath Crest, we’re here to walk you through the selection process to keep the decision-making as simple as possible. When the time comes for installation, our technicians bring over three decades of experience to the table to ensure the job gets done right. If you’re thinking of upgrading your bathroom with a new bathtub installation, contact us and let us help you build your perfect bathroom.