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Believe it or not, a bathroom remodel is one of the most cost-effective ways to add value to your home. But how much does a bathroom remodel increase home value in 2023? According to Houselogic, a mid-range bathroom remodel can increase home value by up to 10 percent, and major renovations could increase home value even more drastically. 

In addition to increased home value, a bathroom remodel can help owners enjoy more modern and stylish amenities—updating the overall look and feel of a commonly used living space. No matter the design choices or accent pieces that are settled on, investing in a bathroom remodel may be one of the best decisions a homeowner can make this year! 

The Benefits of a Bathroom Remodel 

When it comes to resale value, bathrooms are one of the most important rooms in any house. Potential buyers typically prioritize bathrooms when deciding to purchase a home, which means that having an updated bathroom can make all the difference when buyers are deciding on one home versus another. Additionally, a well-designed and renovated bathroom can increase your home’s resale price significantly, especially when considering how much does a bathroom remodel increase home value.

That’s right—a bathroom remodel has the potential to raise the selling price of a home, and it could be the deciding factor between one home and another for home buyers! 

This post will detail how much average homeowners can expect their home value to increase after a bathroom remodel in 2023.

Considerations for a Bathroom Remodel 

When deciding on a bathroom remodel,  it’s essential to set a budget—ideally, one that reflects both the scope of the project as well as any labor costs that may arise during construction. Costs for such a project can vary, so it’s best to contact our team of professionals for an accurate estimate. 

While a full bathroom remodeling project might be out of the budget for some, small upgrades to fixtures, paint, and countertops can go a long way to improve the overall look and feel of a home. No matter the scale of the project, there’s no denying that investing in a bathroom remodel is an excellent way to increase home value—especially since bathrooms tend to have one of the highest returns on investment among all types of renovations! 

Contact Bath Crest For A Bathroom Remodel In 2023

If you’re tired of an old bathroom that’s casting a gloomy, outdated shadow throughout your home, it’s time to contact our team of experienced professionals at Bath Crest for an estimate. Whether you decide on a full bathroom renovation or a small facelift, you can rest assured that Bath Crest will provide you with the best-quality bathroom remodeling service across Salt Lake Valley.