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Upgrade Your Bathroom

Shower Replacements in Salt Lake City

Showers serve as a sort of centerpiece for most modern bathrooms. Because they’re often the largest appliance in the room, they tend to draw the eye. That’s precisely why a shower has the power to make or break your entire bathroom design. A clean, beautifully designed, and functional shower is the perfect place to unwind after a long day and can make your bathroom pleasant to spend time in. However, a terribly outdated, stained, or even broken shower can bring down your entire bathroom experience, whether you’re actively showering or simply grooming in the mirror. Bath Crest is here to ensure you have a shower that suits your needs aesthetically and functionally by providing a wide selection of materials, designs, and more to suit your design plans.

Shower Replacement

Bath Crest has lived and breathed bathroom renovation for more than four decades. Remodeling bathroom showers and walk-in showers in the Salt Lake City area is our specialty. You can rely on our contractor services to masterfully change the look and feel of your bathroom. For some, a shower is just more convenient. For seniors and those with disabilities, a shower removes the fear of bathing with options such as a low-threshold entry, slip-resistant bottom, built-in grab bars, a new shower base, and built-in seating.

How Much Does it Cost to Install a Brand-New Shower?

According to Modernize, it costs approximately $3,000 to remodel a bathroom. However, it’s worth noting that the cost of an installation from beginning to end could be much lower or higher than this figure. For some prefabricated shower kits, your final price tag could be as low as $300, while customized showers using high-end, expensive materials could cost as much as $12,000. This price may also change depending on the size and involvement of the job. For example, if you intend to replace a tub with a shower, replace a shower with a bathtub, or need to change your bathroom layout, the price of the renovation will increase. On the other hand, you can cut costs by keeping your current shower and simply having it re-tiled to look new and vibrant. These are details to discuss with our designers during the planning phase to ensure you’re getting the results you want within your budget.

At Bath Crest, we seek to offer a shower for everyone, regardless of budget. When you explore our options and work with our designers, you’ll come across a wide range of luxury materials to create a space that’s elegant and undeniably beautiful. However, you’ll also find a range of affordable materials that offer your bathroom an elegant, functional look and feel without the high price tag. We’re here to work with you, and that means finding solutions for your renovation budget while helping to finalize your design plans.

Our Materials

In order to ensure every client can find the right material for both their personal tastes and budget, we offer access to a wide range of materials for every project. When working with us to replace your shower or to create a custom bathroom layout, you’ll choose from:

  • Stone
  • Quartz
  • Granite
  • Piedrafina
  • Porcelain/Ceramic tile
  • Manufactured marble

Each of these materials brings something new to the table both stylistically and functionally in a bathroom space. Many of these options are excellent for creating eye-catching shower surrounds or other shower details.

Create a Custom Shower Experience

Our experts are here at Bath Crest to create a shower that truly fits your needs. That often means creating designs from scratch. We specialize in creating custom showers for bathrooms of all shapes and sizes and finding the right solution for any family. Not only will we design your shower from scratch from our premium materials, but we can also rearrange your bathroom if necessary to give you the elbow room you need to properly enjoy your new shower.

Furthermore, we believe in never missing an opportunity to improve your bathroom experience. When replacing showers, we also offer you access to advanced faucets and fixtures that can change how you experience your shower on a daily basis. For example, we can install electronic fixtures with sensors or ones that offer you more direct control over your shower for ultimate comfort, fixtures that provide a more eco-friendly performance, and much more.

Bath Crest also believes that safety should always come first, especially in the comfort of your own home. That’s why we offer additional services such as grab bar installation during shower replacement services. These simple bathroom additions offer crucial stability for safe and easy showering, particularly for those with mobility issues. These, paired with the security of walk-in showers and tubs, work to keep your bathroom safe and accessible for every member of your family.

Ready to take the plunge and replace your shower? Contact the team at Bath Crest to schedule your free in-home consultation. With Bath Crest, you’re guaranteed to get the bathroom of your dreams!

Walk-in Showers

Bathroom slip-and-fall accidents are among the leading causes of serious injuries for the elderly and others with impaired mobility. While these accidents do often involve wet flooring, showers are a common culprit. In combination shower-tub constructions, the ledge often poses a hazard because it’s difficult for those with mobility issues to step in or out of the tub structure. In more open showers, tile flooring can prove slippery and hazardous. Fortunately, walk-in showers are here to provide these individuals with a safe, accessible way to approach bathing without sacrificing independence in their everyday lives.

Walk-in showers are perfect for anyone who prefers the spaciousness, safety and ease-of-use of a large shower. Our walk-in shower installation contractors work with many individuals who find this design to be ideal. It is well suited for those who find it difficult and risky to climb over the traditional tub side. Walk-in showers are handicap accessible, easy to clean, and can be accessorized with safety features of your choice.

Walk Into Safety & Luxury

Our dedicated staff will help you design a walk-in shower to fit your individual needs and wants. Your new shower can be customized with the addition of optional features such as a chair-height seat, safety grab bars, showering wand and single-handle scald-proof plumbing valve.

Bath Crest’s skilled staff of walk-in shower installation contractors will handle all aspects of your shower installation and you will never have to worry about the quality or durability of your new shower! We warranty both! At the end of the day, our priority is to ensure you have a bathroom that you love and a shower that suits your needs functionally and stylistically. With nearly 40 years of experience in bathroom renovations, we have the skills and know-how to give you a shower and bathroom you’ll truly be proud to call your own.

If you’re ready to replace your old, broken, or outdated shower with something new and designed specifically to fit your everyday needs, contact Bath Crest today.


Beautiful Options

We offer many designs and options that allow you to create and enjoy the look and the showering experience you desire.

Easy to Clean

A solid surface, non-porous surface, resists mold, germs and grime, so you can enjoy your bathroom without scrubbing it.


Our walk-in showers can reduce the possibility of accidents with a low threshold height that makes getting in and out of the shower simple and worry-free.

Durable – Long Lasting

Our walk-in showers are made to be durable and long lasting, as well as beautiful

Custom Fit

Your shower can be custom-made to fit most any size that meets your needs to ensure a perfect fit.