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Bathroom Remodeling Services in Salt Lake City


Tub to Shower Conversions

Looking for bathroom remodeling services in Salt Lake City, Utah? With our range of premium, acrylic, years of experience, and solid surface products, we can transform your outdated tub into the shower of your dreams. You’ll be amazed at how much bigger and brighter your bathroom will feel with a new, spacious shower in place. And best of all, our approach is simple, affordable, and bypasses the need for extensive bathroom remodeling.


Bathtub Installation

Whether you’re looking to do a full-scale bathroom remodel or simply revive your tired old bathtub, Bath Crest has everything you need to bring a renewed sense of style and sophistication to your space. Say goodbye to lackluster showers and hello to the ultimate in relaxation with a new bathtub installation by Bath Crest.


Full Bathroom Remodels

With our team of skilled bathroom renovation contractors in Salt Lake City, we can help you transform your outdated bathroom into the oasis of your dreams. From replacing the tub and shower to updating the vanity and flooring, we have a large selection of durable products to choose from, allowing you to customize your space to fit your needs. Our team handles every aspect of the remodel, taking the worry out of the process and leaving you with the bathroom of your dreams. Don’t let an old, outdated bathroom continue to bring you down – let us help you create a space that you’ll love stepping into every day.


Shower Replacements

At Bath Crest, we understand that a bathroom can be a sanctuary, a place to escape from the stress of everyday life. That’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to bathroom renovations for over forty years. We know that when you’re looking to update your bathroom, you’re not just looking for a fresh coat of paint. You want a transformation. And that’s exactly what we provide. Our specialty is remodeling bathroom and walk-in showers in the Salt Lake City area, and we pride ourselves on offering top-notch contractor services to our clients.


Wall & Tub Installation

Are you tired of looking at your old, worn out bathtub? If you’re wanting to remodel your bathroom, Bath Crest has you covered! Our team offers bathtub replacement and liner options in the greater Salt Lake City area that will transform your old tub into a brand-new, stylish look in no time. Not only will you be able to update the look of your bathroom with a fresh, clean tub, but you can do so for less money and in less time than a full-blown bathroom remodel.


Walk-in Tub Installation

It’s important to consider safety when remodeling your bathroom. By investing in a safer bathroom environment, you’re taking a step towards maintaining your well-being and independence throughout your entire life. To make your bathroom safer, consider our walk-in shower installation services. Contact our team for a free estimate today!


Tile Installation

Whether you have a small or large bathroom, tile can enhance the appearance of your space and offer you a virtually no-maintenance experience. Here at Bath Crest, we provide professional tile installation and other bathroom remodeling services that allow you to enjoy all of the benefits that this material has to offer.