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Remodeling your bathroom shouldn’t be stressful, let Bath Crest help with your next full Utah bathroom remodeling project!

Full Bathroom Remodel

Your Full Utah Bathroom Remodeling Project Starts with Your Vision

Let us help you solidify your ideas and vision of what you want your bathroom to look like. With a large selection of durable products and a team of highly skilled renovation contractors in Salt Lake City, we can help you from the start to the very end result. So, whether it be a replacement of tub, shower, vanity, flooring, or walls, we take care of it all. We handle all aspects of the remodel and take away the worry of eliminating that old bathroom.

Why Invest in Bathroom Remodeling?

A full bathroom renovation is often a big and time-consuming investment, regardless of which contractor you decide to work with. So, why do homeowners choose to spend their hard-earned cash on bathroom upgrades more often than almost any other home renovation option? There are, in fact, several reasons why this might be the case. Some of the most common reasons homeowners choose to renovate their home’s existing bathrooms include:

  • Adding safety or comfort features
  • Creating a new aesthetic in an outdated space
  • Improving the home’s overall resale value

Most homeowners spend more time in their bathroom during their daily routine than they might think. Having a space that’s safe, comfortable, and pleasant to be in can transform how you interact with your home or how others interact with your home in the event you’re looking to sell. Regardless of your reasons, Bath Crest is here to ensure you get the results you want and deserve when you choose to renovate any bathroom space in your home.

A Solution for Your Needs

Looking for a fresh, modern update?

It does not matter whether your needs are for a new look, additional safety features, more storage space, or updated accessories; we can help you choose what works for you. Bath Crest Bathroom Solutions is a solution center with many options to help you make your bathroom ideas become a reality.

Start with Proper Planning

No matter the size and scope of your bathroom renovation, all projects begin at square one: planning. In order to ensure your renovation is a success and brings both the style and functionality you’ve been dreaming of to your home, you’ll need to do some in-depth planning before getting started with hands-on alterations. Fortunately, Bath Crest is here to help you throughout the planning stages to ensure that all of your plans mesh well together and fit within your budget. However, knowing a bit about the planning process yourself never hurts.

Deciding on a budget for your renovation plans is the first step you should take in order to ensure the process is smooth and predictable throughout. Having an approximate budget allows you to narrow down your choices in regards to materials and major alterations during the design process, giving you access to more high-end materials or guiding you towards lower-cost solutions. Always be sure to leave a little wiggle room in your budget, though, in case plumbing or other unexpected changes need to be made to your plans during the renovation work.

Once you have your budget figured out, it’s time to work on creating a cohesive design plan. Use your budget to hone in on materials that are both affordable and stylish and to ensure you’re prioritizing your renovation needs above smaller wants and wishes. During this step, you’ll consider several variables regarding the appearance and function of your new bathroom space, such as:

  • Color
  • Materials
  • Fixtures
  • Storage options
  • Potential plumbing and wiring changes

Make these selections individually with the assistance of a design professional, but always be sure to take a step back to look at the “bigger picture” before finalizing your selection. Ensuring patterns, colors, and materials all work and flow together is a must if upping the aesthetic of your bathroom is one of your main goals.

Once you’ve done the important work of figuring out a budget and a design, get your plans into the hands of a trusted bathroom renovation contractor. Instead of struggling to work with separate plumbers, electricians, and other contractors to get the job done, work with all-in-one bathroom contractors like Bath Crest to get the job done faster and with fewer hitches. 

Remodeling your bathroom shouldn’t be stressful, let Bath Crest help with your next full Utah bathroom remodeling project!

Plan for the Future

Whether you’re looking to sell your home or you’re designing a bathroom that allows you to “age in place,” renovation is a perfect time to consider future-proofing key areas of your homes. Bathroom-related slips and falls are among the most common reasons for serious injuries among the elderly and others with limited mobility. Fortunately, Bath Crest offers a number of solutions for those looking to avoid these often tragic accidents.

Walk-in tubs and showers designed with the needs of the individuals in mind are a great investment in a safe, secure future within your own home. From easy access to hydrotherapy, these tubs provide members of your household with a safe and easy way to see to their personal hygiene while soothing inflammation, caring for circulation, and much more. Additionally, we offer a wide selection of grab bars that provide additional support when using the shower, getting in and out of the tub, or even using the toilet. We’re proud to offer homeowners access to these crucial upgrades and seek to make future-proofing your bathroom as easy and accessible as possible by providing full installation services.

Why Work With Professionals for Full Bathroom Remodeling?

In the age of internet DIY videos and easy tool accessibility, many homeowners choose to undergo bathroom renovations in their homes without the help of professionals. While this may work for some small, simple changes such as fixture replacement, it’s always advised to work with a professional bathroom design service. Not only is this a matter of safety in jobs that involve pipes and electrical wiring, but it’s also the best way to ensure the job gets done the right way.

While DIY installation can cut costs upfront, you may find that you’re not getting reliable, long-lasting results. When you trust the pros at Bath Crest with your Utah bathroom remodel, you can rest easy knowing that each individual you’ll be working with is trained, experienced, and able to deliver the results you want without cutting corners. This translates into a more durable bathroom creation that you can truly enjoy in the years to come.

We Take Care of Everything

Bath Crest is a Full Solution Provider for Utah Bathroom Remodeling Projects

Let our team of bathroom renovation and bathroom remodeling contractors in Utah help you realize your new bathroom vision. Visit our showroom to see the many choices in tub, shower, vanity, solid surface, and safety accessories. The possibilities are endless, and we can take care of it all. With more than 40 years of specialized bathroom installations in Salt Lake City and surrounding areas, we can help you imagine the possibilities and fulfill your bathroom renovation wishes. We consider your issues with space, problem areas, and any customized features that fit your current and future requirements. We’re the experts in Utah bathroom remodeling, contact us today!